O'Neil Wallace & Doyle, PC

O'Neill, Wallace, and Doyle, P.C.

Complex | Catastrophic | Trucking/Commericial Vehicle Claims

Regardless if it is the claims investigation or the trial, high exposure claims, catastrophic injury and death claims as well as trucking claims often present complexities that necessitate a higher level of experience and expertise. OWD's specialists in complex, catastrophic and trucking/commercial vehicle claims are ready with the skills and knowledge to avoid unknown pitfalls and to insulate our clients from unnecessary exposure and liability. Having worked closely with a variety of experts, including medical experts, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical experts, engineering experts, DOT experts and products liability experts; our attorneys have an intrinsic understanding of the proofs and authorities required to structure an effective position. Our attorneys are experienced in coordinating litigation and discovery strategy for high exposure cases involving multiple parties, as well as voluminous document review and production. OWD's trucking specialists have also successfully argued in the Michigan Supreme Court about the application of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations on carrier liability in Michigan.