O'Neil Wallace & Doyle, PC

O'Neill, Wallace, and Doyle, P.C.

Governmental Litigation and Municipal Law

Today's local governments, municipalities, and counties are saddled with an ever-changing infrastructure while providing continuous service to its citizens. OWD has a proven track record for governmental litigation successfully defending and representing local governments on a wide array of issues, including but not limited to, governmental immunity, qualified immunity, constitutional claims, as well as Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") and Open Meetings Act ("OMA") violations. OWD attorneys are seasoned litigators who are experienced in defending governmental entities and agents in the state, Federal, Administrative and Bankruptcy Courts at both the trial and appellate levels. OWD provides tried and tested methods to protect your communities and foster growth and development.

OWD also works with municipalities and government agencies on a wide variety of transactional matters, including but not limited to, drafting By-laws, ordinances, contracts, deeds and leases, advising local government bodies on FOIA and OMA compliance, as well as consulting with Downtown Development Authorities and Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities on effectively and efficiently implementing a legally sound development program in the local community.